Navarro GradThanks 2013 Poster Proposal
Lucy’s Proposal to make a banner for retiring Dr. Sanchez During 2013 Navarro College Graduation
Navarro Make Grad Thanks Poster 2013
Lucy’s work table for the Thanks Project 2013 Spring Graduation at Navarro College

This week I was nostalgically appreciating the extra effort my professors at Navarro College put into drumming basic understanding into my thick skull, and redirect my set ways in new directions. Not be overlooked are the relationships formed with professors after their official responsibilities to a student are over, and they are free to be friends. I have now moved on to my bachelor level school. This week I visited some professors whose investment in my learning is now helping me out at the University, although I still start off lost in the newness of it all and it still takes me awhile to change my perspectives on some ideas and learn new habits in my artwork.

 I just found out that Professor White, “The best boss I ever had” (evenly tied with my previous boss, Mrs. Lowey), is celebrating a new grandchild with his darling wife who is a very talented painter and good friend. She recently had a group show at the Pearce Museum including her banners, scenes painted on fabric. She is also an enviable cook/food artist, and jeweler.

While visiting the Fine Arts Building, Professor Boles introduced me to Ron Sprouse, an artist who is creating some modernized (somewhat twisted) drawings of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Ron’s work is like the songs I hear on the radio that have very compelling instrumentations with negative lyrics. I find his work full of subtle details and very interesting to explore, but (with a chuckle) I would not want to live there. However, I did borrow a sketch off of Ron that I hope to translate into a ceramic sculpture. Back again to Professor Boles, I got a phone call the other day from someone who got my name from Professor Boles to paint a nursery mural a few years back. The family has moved and misses their mural, so they want me to paint another in their new home. Thank you, Professor Boles, for believing in my talent as an artist and pushing me to develop new areas of my art.

I was saddened to see Professor Moore’s photography darkrooms converted into mini studios, but I will always remember her and my daughter spending extra time there sharing their mutual love of the art. The time we spent talking together about Alma, Wiscasset, Coopers Mills and the love of nature will never be forgotten, especially since it helped me to find a sense of “home” in Texas, so far from my old “home place” in Maine.

I can never visit Navarro College without stopping in to say hello to Lynn Coker and Dr. Housley. Lynn is so cheerful and efficient, and Dr. Housley reminds me of my uncle – probably because of the long talk he had with my father about outdoor treks observing wildlife, and his inquiries into my well being whenever I am visiting Lynn in his outer office. His interest in building his community apparently extends further, because others ask how he’s liking his promotion at the college when I am in town doing art work, and tell me they like him pretty well too.

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I didn’t make it over to the Cook Center in time to catch my friend Carol Davenport, who introduced me to watercolor artists Don Dernovich (who I still occasionally connect with online) and Don Weller for the WAA Quick Draw  Competition at the Pearce Museum. She also organized us Psi Beta volunteers for the scholarship fundraiser dinner and coordinated with my department head and dynamic instructor, Professor Rosenberg, for our Multi-Media Fest each year in the campus IMAX theatre. I also missed Professor Pearson on that visit, but she was quick to reply to my email and cheerfully inquire about my progress at my new school.

Not to sound too much like Phoebe from the Magic School Bus, but either I am too busy looking back to move forward, or things are different in the “big city.” It’s only the first semester, so maybe I will rent one of those on-campus canoes and renew connections to my country origins.


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