I just came back and read my Billy Hassell rough, rough, preliminary draft… before plumping it up with lots of boring analysis of related works by other artists, and trying to guess the artist’s thoughts and intentions instead of just telling what I think when I look at it. College isn’t really about writing what I know. . . it’s more about finding out what I don’t know, so far. Really, you should all be glad I didn’t reprint the entire report. It would have been better to keep it shorter —

I loved the exhibit.

Go see it if you can. 

(Good night from the land where ‘done on time’ is better than ‘well done and late’, and learning by doing.)


3 thoughts on “Do the Extra Pages Really Make it Better?

    1. That is very nice of you. It seems we can look anywhere to find the loud and negative stuff, but it takes some searching to find the refuges where the fragile and beautiful things live.

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