I am seeing a lot of new things, and hearing a lot of new things, that I do not understand. Am I learning yet?

Who are these people? They sure aren’t getting my best side. I lost my optimism in the piles of notes I don’t have time to study. I’ve become a crazy overly overt person to hide my anxiety. Oh gosh, what are they all talking about and who are they quoting? I look at the assignments and don’t know how to do them yet. I keep trying, but everything is unfamiliar. I don’t even have a painting class, but I hope discovering an emotional outlet in ceramics will help my brain start working again. Maybe it will help me try new things when I finally find time to paint.Ā 

Will I wake up one day and all this jumble of new material will become familiar and suddenly it will start to make sense?


8 thoughts on “Am I learning yet?

  1. Take 5 minutes. sit quietly, breathe, breathe, concentrate on your lungs slowly filling with air and slowly exhale, slowly, breathe, breathe, concentrate, relax. Now open your eyes.

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