East in the Morning, West at Night

I spend a lot of time on the road these days, trying to make a dream a reality.

Awhile back I started thinking un-christian thoughts about those “when one door closes” quoters because I was having that nightmare where I stand in a long dark hallway and all of the doors slam as I progress toward them. I couldn’t find that “doors open” verse, so I don’t know who they’re quoting. In this world we have troubles, and we endure it for the hope of what’s before us. That makes more sense to me.

I see more sunsets and sunrises halfway through my drive to university and again during my drive home, but I paint less, and occasionally wonder if I better get good at ceramics – in case I go blind – so I’m thankful for sunglasses. [YES! Join Lucy’s Run-on Sentence, Grammar Rebellion today!]

If it weren’t for audiobooks helping me keep up with classes, I kind of wish I had one of those radios that picks up internet radio. Then I could Listen Live to Kevin and Taylor in the Morning telling me I get up “Too Stinking Early.” The picture is a click-through link to 104.7 The Fish radio in Atlanta. That’s worth a smile.


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