Canna FrameFor me, finding time is all about reaching deep down for the motivation to accomplish the most necessary tasks first. How else could I reach my goals?

I am up early for a busy day ahead. Last night I framed my canna lily for sale, and also to represent my work in an upcoming portfolio review for my BFA. Classes resume today. If all goes well, I can do the hour-long commute and finish up at the school with a little to spare for a snack before I arrive back to work on time.

Time is funny. We all have the same amount of it, but some claim to have none.


13 thoughts on “Finding Time Earlier in the Day

    1. I am registered for classes, and wouldn’t you know that not a one of them is online. 1 1/2 hours each way to the campus, but it can’t be helped unless I change my degree to something boring. My instructors were great, and I look forward to the classes.

    1. Thank you.
      It all makes me happy: some while I am painting and observing, some after I have had time to reflect, and some while I am repurposing scraps as papier mache (ha, ha). 🙂

  1. No we do not have the same time but when you are young it is easy to think that. Case in point, please read the story about my cousin ‘Joel Stephens’ called the 5Cs. David was an amazing athlete and most people would be happy with that. But Joel, died at 22. He was probably a man at 15 as some progress earlier. He got straight A’s and his character was amazing. So to that end and I am 58, He has inspired me. Sidenote: I turn 58 2/2/14. And more bizarre is I am a Meteorologist.

    There is also a great book by Janet Fitch called ‘White Oleander’. Oprah loved it so much she read it on to a CD. The CD captures the emotion of a young girl and her serpent but beautiful mother. The movie falls far short but it is an honest assessment of how things really are.

    Good work here girl.
    Thanks for your work.
    Meteorologist Larry Olson aka Foghorn. lol

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