See the paintings shown in the video with other wreath paintings at  Wreath Inspired (Dec 2013). Reprints available in Visual Fling Shop.

 Each new year I spend a week or two on restoration. There is the basic re-storing of the ornaments, and finding the gifts and cards I forgot to send. Finally getting those shipped off takes longer than it should, but I have learned to accept my limitations, even if my big sister has not.

Then I have to clean and re-arrange furniture and freshen the air. Dust has accumulated in the less decorated areas of the house, and clutter has grown like kudzu behind closed doors.

I fill up empty containers that held cookies and candies with popcorn kernels, rice, and dried beans. This cures me of constantly peeking into them for a treat, implanting the idea that there is nothing very tempting in the tins.

Sometime in the first new calendar week I feel a big urge to dig out my easel and paint again. Like today! Somehow, my favorite daily pick-me-up gets crowded out for a season, and by now I really miss my peaceful morning routine.

Painting helps me pack away my nostalgia and regrets into a productive step forward, and go back to my regular life.

My best resolution each New Year Day is to restore my life to its usual pre-holiday peace, companionship, and cheer. I guess I am already living my ideal, most of the time, even when life tosses something challenging my way.


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