Thousands of people vote with their tweets – they really want to see The Return of the Modern Philosopher‘s writing come to life (unlife?). Another one of the satirical posts of screenwriter, Austin Hodgens, has gone viral. I even heard him interviewed on the radio. I listen to 92 Moose on the internet, cause Maine is full of zombies in the winter, lol. Those are just transplanted visitors (and Survivors who didn’t get voted off yet) who thought it would be quaint to spend the holidays in Maine.

What is all the hullaballoo about? Read his blog here:

Listen to Austin’s radio interview:

Last time this happened, it was slightly more believable, maybe. Oh, wouldn’t T.V. be more interesting if they filmed an episode of Survivor in Maine?

Make friends with a blogger, who happen to be jogger. I would have said ‘runner’ but ‘jogger’ was funner.

Have a great day!




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