I like to celebrate a part of every day, all 364 un-birthdays a year. Life is precious, and much better lived and enjoyed daily instead of aging on a shelf for some future special occasion.

Today I spent a few minutes enhancing my life by visiting and sharing some links to great posts by some of my blogworld friends:

Cindy Knoke has some stunning pictures of hummingbirds Use Cindy’s search box to find more of her beautiful photographs. I guarantee that these breathtaking pictures are only a small sample of what her page has to offer.  http://cindyknoke.com/2013/01/09/the-hummingbirds-are-becoming-tame/

Ron Scubadiver’s photography takes me places to meet interesting people. Look at the world with a fresh eye. He says, “One of my favorite pastimes is asking people on the street if I can take their picture.  Most say yes.” I don’t have his boldness, but I enjoy figuratively peeking over his shoulders.

Violet makes lovely watercolor sketches daily. I admire her diligence, imagination, and talent, but I would not have seen any of her work if it were not for Malus, her cat, taking up shy Violet’s pictures and posting them for us. This link is to one of my favorite Violet Gallery posts, with Malus peeking out of the box and Violet’s sketches of beautiful blossoms on a narrow street in Greece, Mykonos.

Skye brings a double blessing with her sweet poetry page at http://thesanctuaryofmyheart.com and photos with devotional reflections on living with faith at http://ohthethingsweshallsee.com . Enjoy her “… Photographic Journey of God’s Amazing World!”




11 thoughts on “Happy Un-Birthday to Me

  1. It’s great to celebrate the un-birthdays too 🙂 And I am fan of all those sites too, except I have yet to read Skye’s page. I am off to do that now. A very merry un-birthday to you.

    1. I had another one yesterday. Today I guess I am just working and running errands, instead of celebrating. Thanks for dropping by. I like hearing from you, although I have been a slow responder lately. 🙂

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