Screen Door 2013Most people say we are crazy when we make another improvement to the rental where we live, but it is our home. Last year we added a back door deck from the scrap lumber of a torn down shed. My husband made a little fire pit, and a brick patio from some bricks we dug up repairing the front flowerbeds. We still enjoy them very much when we sit out there evenings and start a fire with our paid bill slips and junk mail. I swing my feet off the side of the deck.

Last week my husband put on a front door screen. We would have gotten one for front and back, but he thought I would like the pretty one instead. I really do. The evening breeze through the house is refreshing after a hot Texas day.

If you like the art in architecture, check out this article on HOUZZ:


8 thoughts on “Sculptural Architectural Art

  1. That’s not crazy at all — like you said, it’s your home. I just hope the owner appreciates your efforts… so many take advantage or don’t appreciate how well we care for where we spend our time. I chose where I am now for work, because it had a big garage… it’s a mobile home that I rent in addition to my home… underpinning falling apart, needs new gutters and she uses the garage to store her stuff! some just don’t realize the inconvenience they cause… anywy, enough of my ranting… congrats on the new screen, that’s bound to be much nicer… enjoy and have a great Monday

    1. The owner doesn’t take anything off of the rent for improvements, but he hasn’t raised the rent either. 🙂 Our lifestyle has improved, and after a long day at work and school we appreciate it for ourselves.

  2. Read the article; fascinating. There is such a lot to learn from traditional homes. Your screen door looks lovely. I didn’t live in my own home till very late in life. My parents insisted that we treated our rented homes with respect and care. Whilst we lived in them, they were ‘our’ home and we made them as pleasant as possible. Housing, whether rented or owned, was a precious commodity in their view.

    1. Yes, a home is precious. In my past I had much less, and learned how to improve and appreciate it.”Someday I will have a nicer house and take care of it” is only true if I practice the daily habits today to prepare for someday when it happens. Today I have a nicer life in the same house because we did.

      1. I appreciate it more when it is nice, but the actual effort to keep it that way comes harder on some days than others. 🙂 I realized that more when my eyes were healing and I couldn’t do everything as before. Simplicity is beautiful, and easier to clean.

      2. When my house feels cluttered I think of throwing things away instead of just piling them up more neatly. Then I think of a cabin with an open plan downstairs and a loft upstairs. I don’t want messy junk in my ‘dream house’.

        I have to go to work now. I enjoyed the chat, and I am glad you shared my interest in the article.

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