a frosty glass of foamy root beer
Root beer with Eric

If you give me fruit, I will freeze it and make an iced smoothie. If you give me water, I will half freeze it and have a slush. If you give me coffee, I will float some ice cream on top. This root beer reminds me of genetian root beer which carbonated is very much like Moxie. It is very hot here, and if I hadn’t missed my husband so much while I was in Maine, this heat would be driving me right back to the shores of Moosehead Lake, or the rocky coast of Belfast. I wish I could bottle some of this heat for mid-winter. But ooooh, this cold drink is refreshing!


15 thoughts on “An Iced Drink

      1. I saw one of your comments ( on Violet’s blog, maybe) where you said you took an iced (hot) water bottle to bed. I thought that was such a great idea!

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