BrownEyedSusansToday is an odd mix of endings and beginnings.

A new set of sketches is building as I plan a portrait of a beloved colt. He takes different poses in my mind and across the fields, and until I decide where to focus, the final painting is still in the planning stages.

The skills I honed for my shiny new degrees (AA.Art & AAS.Multimedia) would be put to good use at the job I want. The first interview went great and I meet the office coordinator on Monday. I will be editing photos and creating slideshows from family pictures and entering information into memory books. I am really looking forward to it. It will still leave me time for some night classes and lots of free time paintings.

After the interview I met with a friend who is missing my friend more sharply than I.  We talked about her last few months. We talked about art, the people who become outrageous successes, and the people who are just happy making art whether or not they become famous.

My life is full of talented and loving people. Whether you paint or not, take a little time to stop and notice the beautiful and interesting things in life, and share the experiences with your friends.


4 thoughts on “Filling my Life with the Worthwhile

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to the job. Despite the sadness surrounding the loss of a beloved professor and friend, I am looking forward to moving forward in my career.

  1. You are so right, Lucy…..there is beauty everywhere to be appreciate. With my photography, I have only just come to realize how much. Will pray for your interview on Monday. Big hugs!!

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