I just found out about the passing of my senior art instructor, Rachel Moore. When we first met she recognized my accent and we found out that both of us had lived in the same town in Maine at the same time, small world. Her passion for art and encouragement helped me grow tremendously. Rachel also taught darkroom photography to my daughter, causing her to change her major to Photography when she moved up for her bachelor degree.

Obituary Link Here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theadvocate/obituary.aspx?n=rachel-elizabeth-moore&pid=166305397#fbLoggedOut


It is surprising how attached I got to her as an instructor, but she really got involved in the art, art history and photography classes and pushed me to grow as an artist. I got better at seeing the strengths and weaknesses in my work. I tried a bigger variety of subject matter and different mediums.

One time Ms. Moore was reviewing a ‘finished’ picture I had done for another favorite instructor and she told me it wasn’t finished yet. She pointed out areas of the picture and explained why they needed more work. With her help I could see the issues. It was already on display in the hall, but I brought out my materials and thought about how to compensate. Then I stood in the hall and made the corrections. Even though the corals picture was pretty good, the finished work was much better.

Ms. Moore gave similar attention to all her students and former students, making an important impression on my artistic daughter as she attempted to forge her own path artistically. My daughter wanted to pursue photography as an art so Ms. Moore showed her new darkroom techniques each time she learned a previous one.



We just got back from the memorial service. It was a soothing service, and there were a lot of nice people there… the kind of people she would attract. 🙂 Her paintings were all around the reception room, and photos of places I recognized from Maine. We loved the same place, and it formed a bond, even though we both were able to love the new place we both ended up. Life is funny like that. Good memories of Rachel.


10 thoughts on “Loss of a Friend and Mentor

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I praise God, though, that you had the chance to meet and have a friendship. Big hugs sent your way.

    1. I spent some time today enjoying the friendship of another friend who is missing her, feeling it more sharply than me. There are a lot of really special people in my life. Thanks for the prayers and hugs.

      1. You are very welcome. I am glad you had that special time with someone today. Have a lovely weekend, Lucy. 🙂

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