Maybe this landscape painting presents a new challenge for me, or maybe I am trying too hard for perfect. I have been painting the same subject over and over, with different lighting and viewpoints, and it just is not coming together. Tomorrow I will paint it in the morning, then try one of my other projects for awhile. The others have been on the shelf waiting while I ponder the first one anyway. Last year I had a similar problem, and after it loosened up I had the Midas touch for awhile. One can dream it may happen again.


3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Presentable

  1. I do this all the time, and more often than not I find that painting the same image in a different way (the whole while telling myself it’s a practice piece that no one will ever see, so it doesn’t matter how it turns out) will usually result in a positive outcome. For example, if I try real hard to get detail on a lighthouse, and I keep messing up… I might just throw a bunch of white paint all over the canvas and quickly sketch in the shapes with a small brush with colors right over the white and let the colors run together, it doesn’t matter, then keep going to a smaller brush and before I know it, I’ve painted the image I wanted! Or maybe another project for a while will help 🙂 Hoping you get the result you want, best wishes

  2. I appreciate the encouragement and shared experience. My husband is puzzled because he likes all of my current ‘rejects’ but there is something elusive that is not making it into the pictures. I will try switching subjects for awhile. I am also trying a some minimalist sketches to see if the effect I want will show through in a less is more kind of way. 🙂

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