After my vacation I am filling my days with painting, planning school, catchup reading of other blogs, and housework. With all this happy activity, it seems I have little time to post. I hope you all enjoyed “Run, Run, Freeze” from OH, THE THINGS WE SHALL SEE ~ Photo companion blog to

Yesterday I was sketching and photographing a colt for its upcoming yearling birthday. The colt’s best friend, a happy scruffy dog, will probably find his way into the painting too.

While I was enjoying some fabulously sweet and cool water from the owner, she told me about a game she played when she was younger called “Blind Walk.” In that game one person shuts their eyes while another leads around the farm, and eventually the ‘blind’ one has to guess where they ended up. I wouldn’t want to peek, because it sounds like so much fun to try to figure it out, and so exciting if I recognized the spot without looking.

Well, I have to figure out this dog’s fur and the highlights on the horse’s mane and tail. 




2 thoughts on “Painting not Posting

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