Maine Loons from canoe

A mated pair of loons on Moosehead Lake in Maine. 2013


7 thoughts on “Maine Loons from canoe

    1. We were in the canoe for two hours, and it was a wonderful (very peaceful) trip. My daughter and I took over 900 photos between us, because everything was so beautiful. My father taught me how to make a loon call by cupping my hands and then I also showed my son when we were swimming later.

      1. When I was in Maine in July one year, the sea was too cold for swimming though I think we did last about 2 minutes at one beach. We went to Jordan Pond house where there is a lake but it didn’t appear to be a place for swimming. So I am imagining that your lake is a much warmer place!

      2. Well, we have had a long string of rather warm and sunny days to bring it up a notch. Although it could still be called ‘bracing’ to those unused to it.

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