My recently widowed aunt requested that I paint the tree at the end of the point which is being slowly undermined by the lake. It is a frequent perch for eagles. Although only clinging by the roots, a large taproot can be seen by canoe, it stands straight and tall, unwilling to give up. Many campers visit this tree as soon as they arrive at Cowan’s Cove to see if the old fir still proudly stands.

Roots in Maine

We are visiting my father’s family at Moosehead Lake, camping on public use lumber land in Maine. For the 4th we are being treated to lunch by a few workers from the Maine Conservation Service. My aunt, uncle and father have all been Campground Hosts several times over the years, so this tent in the woods feels as homey as the home place. I cast off my shoes and endure a pebbled walk to the end of the point, across the softer pine and fir needles, onto the soft bread moss entwined in the surface roots of the old tree.


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