Yesterday started three hours before dawn and was a long, hard, crowded day, until we arrived in Maine after dark. The next hour driving to my father’s house was filled with the sweet woodsy smell of the forest and stories. We’d heard them all dozens of times before, which made it all the better. After stopping overnight at his house, we drove out to the campsite he and his wife keep all summer, next door to my aunt and uncle’s camp, in the Moosehead lake region. We had to stock up on Moxie, because the Coca Cola company bought them out and doesn’t distribute the Maine state drink to Texas.

LucyAtLake 640x480

We saw two moose today, a flock of geese (Canadian, by their accents), ducks, and a beaver. They brought their dog too, but she doesn’t know she’s a dog. They were smudging no-see-ums with cedar smoke (delicious) while their dog slept on the cedar shavings, after all, spotting wildlife can tire out a miniature doberman (possibly purebred, possibly part travelling salesman).

BBpupInWoodChips 604x480

When we get out of the back country, I will update more pictures. Currently I am sending over a mini hotspot card via satellite using solar panels. Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Maine, Vacationland

    1. Do they have red maple leaves on their tails, are they spotted with red mud, do they slap them in time to sea shanties? Please, how can I tell if this beaver has gone south for summer vacation?

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