I woke up this morning early and eager to start on this sketch, I’ve been studying it for awhile, and hope to paint it someday. When my alarm went off, it was time to get out of my pj’s for my morning appointments. Coffee, breakfast, less essential if an idea is jiggling me awake.

2013 Dragonfly 2.jpg


8 thoughts on “Dragonfly Sketch

    1. Thank you for visiting and looking at the art. I appreciate your encouraging comment about the dragonfly sketch.Because I paint (mostly) realistically, I apply my imagination toward choosing the placement of items, which to include clearly and which to remove or blur. I also change colors and angles of light if it helps tell the story of the painting more effectively. I prefer a simple presentation to allow the mood and subject to add to the atmosphere in a room.

      1. Painting is such a fascinating form of art, it takes us as artist to a different world of imagination and voyage of self discovery.

        Yes, like writer playing with words, a painter loves to play with colours, shades, angles to bring the character and develop the personality of the painting…

        Every painting has a story to tell, and stories are embedded in the colours and composition of the characters in the canvas…

        You have very absorbing and intriguing form of painting…I am enjoying your posts.

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