Student Painting in Lesson 2

These are the paintings my new watercolor student, 11 years old, started during her first and second lessons. How exciting to work with such a talented young student. Instead of starting with drawing, obviously unnecessary when her pony and gate are very recognizable, I decided to introduce some of the qualities of the paint and materials. My first goal is to encourage her to express herself.

.Student Color Mixing in Lesson 1

During Lesson 1 we looked at my brush collection and made different strokes with them. My student was allowed to use the brushes instead of the pretend brush made of plastic that came with her paint set. Of course, we talked about brush cleaning and keeping the paint wells clean. Then we made charts by mixing our paint collections on watercolor paper. It was a fun experiment.

For Lesson 2 we walked around her family’s farm and chose a subject to paint, a pony. She had mentioned not having white for the pony’s mane and head, so the lesson on washes also included a bit on negative space and saving the white areas of the paper.

I got to paint too.



2 thoughts on “A Talented Young Artist

    1. The demonstrations were to be general enough that the child would try it without being intimidated.
      It dried beautifully and I hate to throw any washed papers away, because I went so long with only a few sheets of heavy paper at a time, so we haven’t seen the last of that painting yet. πŸ™‚

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