MorningFlowersThis morning I awoke at 5 am thinking about getting the usual morning activities out of the way early so I could paint. Yesterday, the morning flowers had closed up while I was sketching them, so I also sketched a street corner while a neighborhood child painted from her imagination. I used a little license because I do not yet know how to conjure that bright pink from my paintbox.

My art is taking a new direction, internally, although I suppose it hasn’t changed much on the outside as my skills need time to catch up. I am getting many new ideas from other artists and I am noticing related details as I sketch and paint. While trying to guide the paint, I recalled Andrew Wyeth saying in a book I’m reading “Watercolor shouldn’t behave. It simply shouldn’t.” (33 Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth) So this had me thinking about the simultaneous process of creating and discovering something through the painting. I am enjoying the process of making marks on the paper, also enjoying emerging skills, and emotionally responding to what I am studying while I paint. I have that slightly hungry feeling that some element is missing and as soon as I figure out what it is then I will suddenly put it in all of my paintings after that.

Painting every day does not always produce a masterpiece, but I think it is necessary to develop mastery. When I do not paint every day, I do not see as many comely things to paint, part of my vision dries up too.


12 thoughts on “Morning Flowers

    1. I am glad that you responded to that as well. When I feel something strongly from a painting, even a small daily, I wonder if others do too.
      Thank you for letting me know. šŸ™‚

    1. My dog, who loves following me on neighborhood easel walks, was about to fall asleep at my feet when I read your post. Dogged, nah, living the dog’s life. šŸ™‚

    1. Recently I was excited enough about the many ways I could paint a subject that I began experimenting by painting it over and over, in different ways. They are not all masterpieces, but it is teaching me something new every day.

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