My husband (aka Coffee Buddy) and I were discussing the Red Sox vs. Yankees game yesterday, and the conversation turned to how loud it gets in a sports bar during a game. Football, baseball, basketball, these sports have loud fans even indoors watching on the tube. In counterpoint, billiards, fans watch respectfully, and applaud after the shot completes. You can hear the balls click against each other. Fishing and golf are outdoor sports that have very polite and quiet fans. Outdoor sports fans with indoor voices.

Here is a lovely quilt made by my abundantly talented sister, who has just put a few quilts in her online store. Her custom quilts are sold as soon as they are finished. If you want something special, use the CONTACT button on her “bclowns on Etsy” page in the Shop Owner box at the top left.

Barbi is a talented quilter with an eye for details, pattern,  and color harmony.
More bclowns quilts at

Those of us that can’t do quilting, tell all of you readers about her amazing art.


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