It was hot and dry today, so hot and dry that I burnt my forearms to where my shirtsleeves were rolled up, and burnt my nose where my glasses reflected back onto it. The paints evaporated from dip to easel, leaving dry dusty trails on my paper. I didn’t even finish the painting today.

See, awful. (Another Visual Fling Exclusive Report)
See, awful. (Another Visual Fling Exclusive Report)

After I gave up on the painting, I sat around waiting for the show to be judged. The Paint Historic Waxahachie event is my first show, so it was more to find out how these things go, not out of expectations. I enjoy being a talented amateur meeting and working alongside more seasoned artists. I learned a lot this week. All of the winning paintings were ones that I had admired too. I suppose some judges would be more attuned to abstracts, others to bright colors, others to surrealism, but the judges in this show favored realistic street scenes in oil paints. However, the buyers were looking at everything and buying all types according to their tastes like charcoals, watercolors, oils, and pastels.

Another first, I signed up to join the art association. After this week, I realized I could learn a lot from them if I kept showing up and looking over their shoulders.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Watercolors Evaporated Before My Eyes

  1. I think watercolor is tough to work with anyway… let alone when it evaporates before it even hits the easel. It’s a great experience to attend a show and learn.

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