Singleton Plaza is a landscaped mini-trail with a creek running through it. Being set below street level it is quiet, it has flowers and shade trees, and a nice view of the old Ellis County jail at 200 North Rogers Street. While I was painting, a family came to have a picnic lunch on the other end of the creekside trail. My teenage son, who has been running errands plus carrying my easel and bag of supplies, sat in the shade until watching paint dry got boring for him, then he took a nap.

2013 WXTX Old Jail and Singleton Trail

The old Ellis County Jail now houses law offices.



7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Old Ellis County Courthouse from Singleton Plaza

    1. Thanks!
      I am having a good time painting in Waxahachie. I have been seeing people that I recognize from when we lived there.

      We used to pay rent for our house in that building, get BBQ at the shop on the street to the left, and picnic on this trail.

    2. The water wasn’t that blue, I brightened it up. It was such a beautiful day, I wanted that feeling to come through. Thanks for posting your bright pictures of the buildings on your trip, they reassured me that I really do love the brightly colored style.

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