You know me, I like to stay busy. What you might not know is that my house burned down when I was 9 years old, so we lost almost everything. One thing we sorely missed were our family albums. Operation Photo Rescue is a charitable organization that helps victims of fires, floods, and tornadoes to repair the photos that survived these disasters.  The news about the nearby tornado damage led me to an article about Operation Photo Rescue. If you have some photo editing experience and want to volunteer, this is the website which also contains a handbook of basic techniques: 
Today I received a verification email with a sample photograph for me to edit. After approval of my work, I will be an OPR photo restoration volunteer. 
For more information, this is the article that first introduced me to the organization: Operation Sandy: Group Restores Victims’ Photos

8 thoughts on “Operation Photo Rescue Volunteer – With Both Hands Up and Waving Them

  1. OPR sent me a restoration audition project, and accepted my work. Now I can log in and get damaged photos to repair and send back to families. Volunteering feels good, like I am using my powers for good, spreading the blessings around.

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