We are still going out to practice painting for Paint Historic Waxahachie, and I am finding it to be a paintable town. This week we went to Getzendaner Park. I tried using a marker to sketch the steps then concentrate on the flowers. I learned that the sun moves faster than I was noticing. During the workweek I will be painting a library in Corsicana on my lunch breaks.

Yellow flowers in Getzendaner Park

Today, I only painted for a half hour before going out this morning.

Instead I spent most of the day re-editing a video that was interesting at 4 and 1/2 minutes, but now they want it to be 5 minutes without changing anything (FCP7). “Can you make it look the same, only longer?” Should I add some of that footage when she was washing her hands in the bathroom (toilet flushing sound in background) or add a second to the transitions at the scene changes? Aaaugh! It was good to go already! I wonder if I should hold a little longer on my VisualFling logo screen… 3,2,1, fade out.

I’m not ready to quit my day job, so I await inspiration – or sleep – whichever comes first.


7 thoughts on “I Painted this Yesterday

    1. In two weeks my theme will be, painting whatever makes me happy, and a month after that, it will be painting outdoors in Maine. (Nobody says ‘plein air’ in Maine except the Canadians, from my father’s side.)

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