EEEnCJ1MonthKBME JDnTPicnicToday I read another great post by Elena at LIVE SIMPLY, TRAVEL LIGHTLY, LOVE PASSIONATELY & DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE called Catalonia, Te Adoro.

It is a great travelogue of her visit to Barcelona, with great pictures. One set of pictures include dynamic street art in the background. Another set is full of tranquil, delicious views. Between the photo groups are Elena’s encounters with people, places, and pleasures: “Our days were filled with streets, hills and alleys of Barcelona. Our nights were colored with orgasmic food, 2 euro Champagne at local bars, heartbreaking opera, at the near by authentic mansion and salsa dancing.”

While reading Catalonia, Te Adoro I was reminded of a busy Sunday morning in Maine. I had rushed into church and settled the little one in nursery and sat beside Rose, a sweetly happy 90 year old. She commented “lovely day today” and I briefly followed her gaze to glance at the view outside. Rose immediately scolded me! – “It takes longer than that to appreciate a lovely day.” Reproved, I realized I had neither seen the sunshine and scenery on my drive to the church, and – if it hadn’t been for Rose – probably wouldn’t have arranged an impromptu picnic for the family at the riverside after. Now, I regularly try to enjoy the good moments for as long as they last, and share my observations through art. God bless you, as I have been.


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