Around Christmas the kids and I went to visit “Santa’s Magical Workshop” and got our first view of the magical 3D printing process. Yesterday I visitedPolyPrinter’s shop to see the difference when using a higher quality printer compared to the hobby kits that I’d have to assemble myself.

Test print from Poly Printer Beta

I was pleased and look forward to painting my model! I could really see the jump up in quality from the hobby printers to this fully enclosed model by PolyPrinter.


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One thought on “More 3D from

  1. Update from our friends at PolyPrinter:
    PolyPrinter will have a booth and be demoing two of their PolyPrinters this Saturday (March 23rd, 2013) at the Tyler Mini Maker Faire! (Tyler,Texas) They will be there from 9am-5pm, printing free trinkets and customized nameplates. See a fast, accurate 3D Printer in motion.

    For more information, visit the Tyler Mini Maker Faire’s website ( ), or the official PolyPrinter store ( ).

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