I carried my portable watercolor box out to the front garden to paint the white iris.

A home-made magnet frame to holds the card on the tray, and I leave it there until it dries. The washes were light and the heavy paper did not buckle. Next time I might drag along the video camera as a demonstration before they go out of bloom.


4 thoughts on “The Plein Air Was Windy

  1. Great work, Lucy. You may just be the one to inspire me to crack open my acrylics and pick up my brush again. My inspiration comes in spurts and the last spurt was too long ago :). Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks Frank!

    I have a small portable acrylic kit to take to school, and a small stack of 4×6 cards or cards cut from heavy art paper. (I also have some travel watercolors) Within 5 minutes I can paint a little sketch whenever I want to have a short break.

    Taking ten or fifteen minutes to stop and look at something eye-catching is worth more than the finished results.

    Your work is already good, so I’d be glad to hear your progress painting more often.

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