When I moved here for college, I was ‘adopted’ by the grandmotherly lady at the United Christian Fellowship. Here name is Lucille and mine is Lucy. You won’t believe how nice she can be, and still get her point across when I’m being hard-headed. She loves the students of Navarro College through hugs, meals, prayers and advice (if you ask, but be forewarned of her absolute honesty).

At the beginning of March, an electrical fire burned ‘Gram’ Lucille’s house flat. She fortuitously got up to go into the other room just before a ceiling fixture and part of the ceiling crashed down on her couch. Lucille claims she has lived through worse, but her optimism and faith make it hard for me to believe. Next week the UCF is having a fundraiser to help her set up in a new home. This painting will be part of a collection of cat watercolors I painted to donate to the sale for Lucille.

Reprints are also available for sale at my shop on Society6. http://society6.com/VisualFling/Melton-House-Fire-Fundraiser

For information or donations phone Pastor Humann or write to: UCF of Navarro College, 3301 W. 7th Avenue, Corsicana, Texas  75110

(903) 874 – 5129
(903) 875 – 4048



2 thoughts on “Painting for Love

  1. All five of my paintings sold at the fundraiser auction, and some of the people who were outbid asked if I could paint another for them. Lucille was very thankful that so many members of the community came out to show their support. There was a lot of socializing and everyone enjoyed the live music and food.

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