Leanne Cole, fine art photographer and photo artist, recently displayed a portrait of a boardroom to illustrate her post “Influencing Me – Claude Monet.” This photograph reads like a master painting.

Leanne Cole reworked this photograph for a different effect. You can see her new version, and comments, here: http://leannecolephotography.com/2013/03/08/reworking-an-impressionist-view-of-a-boardroom/

Leanne Cole’s use of light emphasizes patterns and creates movement in the photo. My eyes naturally start at the lights, but instead of jumping straight to the reflection of them, I tick down the right side of chairs like I’m running a hand along the thick padded arm of each chair. The rope molding’s repetitive roundness inset  in the sharp edges frames my run down the right side.  The reflection across the near edge of the table, where the grain showing through the reflections restarts my journey back up the picture at the deeply tufted head chair, which is framed by room’s symmetry although off-center in the photograph. The head chair dominates with its contrasts and details; paired with its reflection it forms a bold square that is less diluted than other reflections on the table, subtly resonated in the walls, and its color is less awash in the sepia tones of the room. The converging perspective of the deep shadow in front of each chair arm reacts to the highlighted right edge of the table pointing to the head chair as the undisputed leader. The runs of blue light on the edge hold some interest in the left side of the photo and the symbolism of the grandfather clock. Her use of deep lighting with rich colors implies the weightiness of the decisions made when the chairs are occupied.

Leanne Cole has done a masterful job of putting the elements of light, color, contrast, line and pattern into this photograph. It is not only visually interesting, but the images emphasized tell the story of the boardroom’s activities even while resting, depicting its importance.

Boardroom by LeanneCole

To appreciate Leanne Cole’s work and Claude Monet’s influence, view her original photograph and post: http://leannecolephotography.com/tag/artistic-impression/


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