Coffee Break

It can’t be. It was supposed to last 14 days, but it was only 2 weeks. This doesn’t make sense. Where did the time go?

There were lots of fun things I planned to do. The chores were also going to get caught up, and the manuscript just needs a dozen or so hours of post editing to become a rough draft.

Oh, sure, I hung out with family, played games, sketched, started a fitness routine (scratch that, it’s not quite a daily habit yet), and read some books. I just thought I would do more than just relax on my vacation.

When someone asked my dad what he was doing on vacation, he always answered “nothing.” They would try to suggest activities, but he always cut them off by saying, “nothing, I plan to do ‘Nothing’ on my vacation.”

Well, at least I got a blog post up.

That’s something. Right?



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