Ha, ha, ha and Ho, ho, ho.

Recently, I bought a quirky gift for a very interesting friend from an online store. It took awhile to arrive -from Romania- with lots of stamps and cancellations. After opening it to check my purchase for damage, I taped it back up and let envelope be the wrapping, proudly adorned with its travel history.

Can’t wrap either?

You might like this post from The Return of the Modern Philosopher as much as I did.

Wrapper’s Un-Delight: Why Can’t I Wrap a Present?.


4 thoughts on “Wrapper’s Un-Delight: Why Can’t I Wrap a Present?

    1. Yeah, I liked your post a lot. Thank you for saying this ” I honestly believe that a part of every gift I give is the story the recipient will get to tell later when she describes how hideous the present looked.”

      1. Hey, that’s my credo. Every gift from me is really two. The gift you’ll probably forget, but the story about the hideous wrapping job? That you can tell forever! 🙂

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