The fullness of Gama’s Sketchbook inspired me.

Gama's Sketchbook

I loved the layering on the pages, the off-white grey paper, and the variety of experimentations in the book. I wish there was less camera movement, but the artwork kept me watching. In case you are also inspired to hunt up a blank book with grey pages, don’t miss this post from the comment list:

  • Lisette Waardewindwaait For all people who, just like me, want a grey sketchbook after watching this video.. I bought ‘cool grey’ paper (lana colours 160g) Just put simple cardboard on top and bottom and got it wire bound at the copyshop. It’s way easier and faster than look for it in the shop or even internet. And you can choose the paper you like best! Gama you inspire already so many people, you rock!”
  • [Comment reposted here in case it gets shuffled down the list over time.]

Gama’s Sketchbook was published on YouTube by Matt from

Another Bookbinding method is demonstrated here by SeaLemonDIY:

How to Make Your Own Handmade Sketchbook : Coptic Stitch

SeaLemonDIY shows the materials and setup at the beginning, the stitch at 6 min, and the finishing at 11-12 min.


Here is a teeny tiny necklace journal.


I bought this item as a gift, and I love it!

Every detail of the tiny little book is perfect:

leather cover and strap, nice binding, postage stamps on the inside cover-leafs, nice chain…

It will be a pleasure to watch my best friend unwrap this. Thank you, Anca.


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