Apparently I am more creative with less sleep.

What choice do I have, attending classes and work plus freelance takes up most of my time. So I rob the sleep bank to live a little… although my idea of living lately is a little skewed. This week, I edited photos for a reunion book with the same fervor as a gamer trying to master a level. At the end I flipped back an forth between my edits and the originals, it was very satisfying. I went a little further than assigned on all of my schoolwork, and they were awesome A++ projects. I went to Screams and enjoyed the haunted theme park experience from scared to startled to nervous laughter.

What am I doing now? — it looks like I am playing games, repetitiously viewing same segments over and over until they react smoothly. Actually I am beginning to learn game design. This process is using all of the skills I have learned so far, 3D object design, photo editing, texture mapping, logic, and storytelling. My first games are basic, but even the simplest exercises inspired me to apply them in mini games, so I feel confirmation that I am on the right track. Of course, I got here through my love of animations and making them interactive is a lot of fun.

Are you interested in game design?

Suggest your favorite game design software. Steer me right. In school, I am working with Alice and Java, but I have experience with CS5 Creative Suite, Blender (and a little Maya on the side), and Flash. Still learning and loving it – New Ideas, everywhere, setting off exciting chain reactions in my brain.

My Growing List of Suggested Links: 

Also, I am spacing my links more to make them easier for me to activate them with my stubby fingers on the smartphone.


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