It is a beautiful early morning, great sunrise. My favorite radio station says I am getting up “too stinking early” but I am having a great time.

I am currently testing an iPhone/iPad app, a free sample of Peterson Feeder Birds of North America, by I am very happy with the sample, and am seriously considering this app as Christmas gifts for the birdwatchers on my list.

Dad would love it, even if I had to bundle the gift with an iPad. He’s a great-grandfather now (my sister’s fault) so we have to forgive him for not loving our ‘new-fangled phones and gadgets. He does use a computer for Facebook to check on the latest family kid pics, so maybe I could get the ZAGG keyboard case with the iPad 2 and tell him it is a touchscreen laptop. It looks a little like my MacBook Pro, mini version, so I am thinking my little guy might also like it.

He He He, on the one hand I see my dad as so behind the times, and on the other hand he is always willing to learn new things. Gotta love him — and when he is canoeing across Moosehead Lake in the woood-strip canoe he built himself, talking his new wife into a hike up Mt. Kineo — I envy him too.

Does the iPad come in a waterproof version, or will it work with his universal waterproofing kit (a gallon Ziploc bag)?


3 thoughts on “i Spy a Bird

    1. You are welcome, this was a good app, easy for Granddad to introduce his love of birding to the grandkids, and I really think it would be a good gift. The free app was nice, so I think the full app would be worth the investment.
      Thank you for your link. I checked out the cases you found, and the linked post about changing iPad settings for children. Very useful information.

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