I once read an inspiring book called “Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It” by Pam Lontos, which could be the motto of my life. This video by Matt Scott endorsing Nike “No Excuses”  reminds me of the perseverance that runs in my family.

Lucy's Dad is an Odd FellowMy mother has muscular dystrophy, so she was not considered strong enough to have children, and now at 73 years old she continues to accomplish more than expected. I was born prematurely, apparently due to the shock of finding out that my father had just been paralyzed when his Air Force jeep overturned. They were told “he will never walk again, if he lives.” Six weeks later, I was deemed strong enough to be transferred to my father’s hospital, and he recalls having regained just enough feeling in his arms to hold me with assistance. My grapefruit sized head fit in the palm of his hand, and my feet just touched the bend of his elbow. I did not even hear this amazing story, and the following one of our climb to our family’s second story homecoming on crutches, until after I had grown.  That was after I was a veteran of the Marines, the Army and the Gulf War. I didn’t even know that I had started out at a disadvantage, but I guess I showed plenty of spunk and overcame it quickly. I just love life so much.

Those are just a few of the exceptional things that have happened to me. If I were to tell all the stories, it would seem incredible. I believe that we are meant to live fully for a full life, and work earnestly for real accomplishments.

If you are suddenly motivated to overcome your fears and start your own business, The Dallas South News just featured How to Tell if You’re an Entrepeneur. Be exceptional.


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