New ideas, they’re everywhere!

Like Spam packaged in individual servings — which I like and a recent blog on Slightly Insightful doesn’t.

I was therefore compelled to comment to Slightly Insightful:

Oh man, I love pre-cooked bacon and have occasionally appreciated individually wrapped spam. They’re both good for making bag lunches for my husband to take to work. Darn, I usually love your blog, but now I feel a little conflicted. ”

… Thank you Comment Box, I will probably keep reading the blog now that I was able to express those feelings.

Continuing my online search for fun, OneDayOneJob helped me find the Situation Interactive site. Everything here was so entertaining that I really wished I worked there. Should I start spamming the HR department at Situation Interactive? It leaves me inspired to start putting my shiny new degree to work online. Wow, you should check out their brag wall. Several of their previews got me searching for the actual website to get the full experience. My favorite was their Funny or Die project with the Blue Man Group.

Enjoy the web.

Pretend you are on vacation, and flirt with new ideas, like me.


2 thoughts on “How I found my Dream Job

  1. Lucy,

    We would love to see your resume, so there’s no need to spam us. Feel free to visit our site once again and let us know more about your shiny new degree. And yes, we are very proud of our work and we’re thrilled you checked out some client sites. We hope you continue to enjoy your pretend vacation.

    -Situation HR

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