Considering the case for giving up electricity for Lent, I am looking at the many ways electricity affects our lives. Without electricity in the home, I would be forced to replace some uses in other ways, possibly using someone else’s electricity. Other uses are convenient or entertaining, but not actually necessary. So here is the prioritized list:

_____Things I Miss Enough to Find Alternatives______CJ_IMG_20111112_173640eLJH

  1. Hot water for showers and washing dishes
  2. Skype to see and talk to my children
  3. Internet for school and work
  4. Recharging the laptop
  5. Laundry facilities (although I can hand wash and line dry when it is not raining)

_____Things I Can Do Without___________________

  1. Heat for the house (Because I’m usually gone to work and school from waking until almost bedtime, and there are plenty of blankets, plus it isn’t the coldest part of the year, so I can get by without this.)
  2. Lights for reading and work at night
  3. Vacuuming the carpets (if I sweep very well, twice)
  4. Entertainment: Music, Movies & Games (sometimes I watch the sunset instead)
  5. Recharging the phone


Without school and work, I suppose I could shorten my list of necessities to survival, but they are both very important to me right now, so I am keeping up a support system for them. I graduate with my Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia in a few months. If that creates better employment opportunities, you can expect me to work toward my Bachelor’s degree every night by the electronic light of my laptop screen.


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