The Crime Scene Team (Patrick ‘P-Rich’ Richard, Nancy McDaniel, Ryan Lunt, and me- Lucy Hanson) were teamed up during an introductory class in digital video. It is made primarily from still images and exercises our skills with sound editing, motion effects, and transitions.

 “Shots in the Dark” is one of those assignments that teaches so much in the process, that it would have to be completely remade to use all our acquired skills and make it any better.

Crazy, right?

Our team got an A, and all of our helpers got bragging rights with us.

This project is a tribute to the pros and cons of team projects. We made something bigger than our original idea. We recruited from our family and friends to fill all of the parts. We told them it would be fun! The whole team grew on this project, probably because so many of my favorite people from the Top Teams post worked together as actors, spontaneous idea generators, and editors.

Watch this movie in four segments, please use the links below:

Shots In The Dark by The Crime Scene Team 2012

1. Shots_0000_0204 

2. Shots_0204_0422 

3. Shots_0422_ 0606 

4. Shots_0606   0834  credits 


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