This is what I did this weekend.


  • Before class I showed the first layer of my next papier mache model to the client for approval.
  • After class I went to our Psi Beta meeting, and took notes for the minutes, because I am club secretary this year.
  • Then I help  the club president hang up signs  fo her campaign for Ms & Mr  on campus.
  • After a quick trip to my favorite coffee shop. I reunited with the honor society group at a nearby nursing home to help with the therapy dogs.
  • I returned to the classroom to pick up the eagle in progress and head home.
  • After supper I planned for a class demonstration on Tuesday of how I make  my mascot models.

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  • Patted our dog, who thinks we are supposed to be up the same time on weekends as weekdays.
  • Worked on my blog while waiting for a Skype call.
  • Helped my daughter move closer to her new campus.
  • Helped a friend convert screen shots of her game character (on Zone4) into a comic book page.
  • Helped another friend do something similar.
  • For InDesign class, I’m designing a book cover for a book called “Internet Dating for Dogs” based on my dog’s Facebook page.
  • Read a few chapters of Buddy Valastro’s biography “Cake Boss, Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia” – for inspiration.


  • Patted our dog, who still thinks we are supposed to be up on weekends.
  • Visited on Skype with my son.
  • Visited friends in town who I met while painting a mural on their nursery wall (35 weeks and counting).
  • Uploaded slideshows to my Visual Fling blog.
  • Uploaded Zone4 pictures for my friends who are not internet savvy.
  • Watched a video made during my mock interview last week, very funny.
  • Watched a movie with my coffee buddy.
  • Took notes for a film shoot tomorrow morning to make a commercial in digital video class.



  • Patted our dog, the usual time.Lucy's dog is a "morning person"
  • Got my coffee buddy some coffee, then asked him to jump my car, in the rain.
  • Worked on this post to Visual Fling.
  • At 9 AM we loaded my video camera, still camera, tripod, MacBookPro and book bag, into the truck instead.
  • Gotta go,
    the photo shoot is today, then classes, then work, then another class.
  • After class at 8 PM, my coffee buddy brought me home before he started his 12 hour shift. There were two roses in a small vase and a heart shaped balloon on the table. I am tremendously blessed.




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