I need a new idea; one I can do alone. For two weeks, I have been working on a great idea, but have not gotten past the planning stage. That does not sound like me at all. Why then? Because I imagined a person in the shot.

"I don't hear any music, do you?"

I have a storyboards, a script, test shots of the scenes, but no pianist. It took 3 days to get a list of people who might fit the scene. It took a week to get contact information for one of them, and only one, and his voicemail box was full. I tried contacting people who might let the talent pool know that I was looking for them. Tomorrow I will have nothing to show for two weeks of work, unless I count the snazzier storyboards. I do not count them. Tonight I will decide on my ‘Plan B’. If I get a callback I will work on ‘Plan A’, but ‘Plan B’ will continue to retain some thought and effort.  Who knows, but it all might work out better if I have two ideas to present at the final stages. At least I will not be stuck empty handed if my collaboration never gels, although it was such a good idea.

[Since this post I changed my mind. Finally, an even BETTER pianist -see below- got the word and we are making good progress on the project. I am almost glad the disorganized ones were not able to collaborate. Apologies for the outdated mini-panic in the rest of this post.]


Josue Gatay
'Piano Genius'




3 thoughts on “Counting on Creativity

  1. It can be discouraging when a plan falls through because people on the other end don’t come through. I wish I could be more helpful with a suggestion or two, but alas, I have only the comfort of understood feelings.

    1. In hindsight, I might rather wait for a talented artist than struggle along with unreliable ones, but the waiting was hard with deadlines approaching. There is only so far you can go with good ideas, eventually something tangible has to be produced (I still have a backup plan).

  2. Even if one of them calls now, that’s two weeks lost time. Of course, not totally lost – I have been doing the other portions, but still…. I appreciate the sympathy. When I am done, this will be a distant memory, and the project always comes out fine, though I may have to lose a little sleep to make up for lost time. Sleep. That’s what I need. I’m sure I will feel better in the morning.

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