Once I moved to St. Louis with very little forethought.

It was a great adventure, and I stayed there for a year. While I was there I met several people who had never been to the Funny Bone Comedy Club (hilariously free on your birthday) or the Saint Louis Arch (which some people travel hundreds, nay thousands, of miles to see). When I went home, I checked out the local tourist attractions I had previously snubbed.

If you crave adventure, but cannot completely tear yourself free to backpack through Europe, try weekend trips. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. Find a camping ground, bed-and-breakfast, seedy motel, or luxury hotel nearby and explore the sights. If all goes well, you will be back by the wee hours Monday with a mysterious smile on your face.


Today I ventured less than a half mile from home to look more carefully at a curiosity I had been passing up daily.

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One thought on “Living Adventurously

  1. Similarly, I have lived in Scotland for twenty four months, Rhode Island for a year, Arabian Desert for awhile, Atlanta for a period of time, and near Dallas for a couple. I enjoyed taking unseen risks, making crazy mistakes, discovering new loves. Where do I get my creative ideas? Everywhere!

    Please note, sometimes you do not get to decide where life takes you, but you might choose to enjoy it anyway.

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