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Clutter Kudzu

I love small spaces, and traveling light. Right now my bookcase looks cluttered with books and stuff. Literally stuffed with stuff. If I don’t fix it soon, the overflow will spread like kudzu through the whole house.


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(ツ) ‘I will upload a picture  of the aforementioned bookshelf, as soon as I find the mini USB cord.’

 I found the cord.


8 thoughts on “Clutter Kudzu

    1. Hi Diane, I found you on Katybeth’s blog and just had to visit and say Wow! I like your Southern blog. I grew up in Yankee-land, but my folks were native Mississippians, and I was saynig y’all before I ever went to school. I’m going to have to poke around your blog a bit and see what parallels I can find (and make myself a bit homesick in the process!)

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