Do artists have to be more careful not to display incomplete work? I think so. When nursing an ephemeral thought into being,  it is vulnerable to criticism from others. They have no idea what the final product will become (because possibly that idea is still too shy to present itself fully to the artist), and can damage the emerging environment the artist is creating.

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Without that home, the idea has no place to live, and wanders the earth looking for a new artist to build it a home.

After the idea has settled in, however, it is quite secure. Whatever flaws remain become it’s home improvement projects, and the idea writes a honey-do list for the artist.  Being so pleased that the idea has accepted the proposal, the artist continues on more joyfully, happy with the progress, even if the idea becomes demanding and requires more spaces, add on a few pieces to accommodate parties of ideas, and bambinos on the way.

The artist gets no sleep when his beloved has moved in, but enjoys the arrangement very much. Now the artist begins to publicly declare a relationship, and share the idea with close friends, who will patronize their friend’s illusions, and encourage pursuits of happiness.



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