Even though it looks very much like I am on vacation, I still have several projects going — but only the fun ones.

1) I am reading aloud to my family.

I read a lot of digital books. 

I spend a lot of time in digital libraries. They make books very accessible and promote sharing of my favorites with friends. Reading for free does not prevent me from buying a personal copy for my eReader, or to give as a gift. It does allow me to preview a book to see if I like it, to search easily for topics I am researching, to read hard-to-find or out of print books, to sample the author’s style and content, and to easily recommend great books to friends.

Elfquest has posted 30 years of their graphic novel installments, which our family has read and re-read a half-dozen times. My sci-fi son likes the Baen Free Library. We just finished  Mutineer’s Moon by David Weber. Amazon lets you Look Inside many of its offerings for a short preview, which convinced me I would really enjoy more of Buddy Valastro’s Cake Boss: Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia. Part of my story is in Turas Troimh Alba by Timothy Ray Gordon, and I also found out that my father is mentioned in Tom Seymour’s Maine stories by searching books at Google.



2) I am researching my ancestry.

Some of the most interesting, tragic, and inspiring stories are true.

I started my search for my ancestors when a family member asked me to restore

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my grandmother’s picture. It was in hard shape, having survived a house fire, some water damage, a few scratches, and the liberal use of adhesive tape. Since the house fire, only a few of these old family photographs still exist, so I wanted each to look its best. Now everyone who sees it wants to tell me their memories of her, and it makes me want to know more. The story of their immigration from Italy, about other artists in the family, all great stories. I have just started up one branch, and cannot wait to see what else I discover up the other side of my family tree.



State Archives: https://www.maine.gov/online/archives/;

3) Mostly, We are playing.

I am making memories with them, and giving them stories to tell the next generation.

Happy Holidays!


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