Jennifer Maestre’s unique artworks are created using colored pencils, hundreds of them. Instead of drawing with the pencils, she sharpens them, cuts them, drills a hole in the base, and strings them together into sculptures.
Visual Fling – Flirting with New Ideas

See her pencils and nails sculptures for yourself: , because they illustrate a very important point… don’t be afraid to be different. Several times I have heard people say, “that’s not how you’re supposed to do that” or (better) “I didn’t know you could use them that way.” Here’s how I work, ideas first, figure out how second. Lots of unexpected things happen when I am not really sure how it is going to happen, but I know my idea has potential. It usually requires research and learning new skills, but I am motivated by the possibilities I discover. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected; create something actually, truly, creative.


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