Multimedia is at best, a creative process, and at worst, an awkward collaboration between a creative team and a business team and a technical team and possibly a programming team. There might be no common ground. The teams might even reside in different geographic locations. That’s where being creative comes in so marvelously handy. The best business and programming people might be incredibly narrow minded in their field of expertise, so the creative people are heavily relied upon to bridge that great divide. The possible benefits of working with the best people in their fields, is potential greatness beyond the imaginations of even the most imaginative of the planners.

Recently, I have truly enjoyed some of my team projects and here are some people that made working together a privilege:

#1 Vanny Thach – She is a talented artist with traditional tools like pencil and oil paint, and she also produces well designed web pages that incorporate cleanly drawn vector art, photographs, video, and interactive media. Vanny is a solid team worker because she is organized, cooperative, encouraging, timely and very talented.

Emily Lynch

#2 Emily Lynch -Her drive keeps every project moving along. She establishes what she wants her elements to look like, in her own style, and works on every angle until it begins to come into shape. Emily wants to look at each finished work with pride, and she earns the right to do that. Working with Emily was a fast pace, and few can keep up the pace she sets for herself as long as she can sustain it. She can vectorize art faster than anyone I know. On a short deadline, she is perfect.

Ryan and Daniel Lunt "Guilt"#3 Ryan Lunt – His acting and voice work brought him to my attention while I was forming a team to make a movie from still images. He is one of my newest collaborators, and I enjoy working with Ryan because he will show up on time with a professional attitude, work through each phase of the project, make great suggestions, and add a lively touch of humor. Ryan is also able to work the digital editing tools to tie his voice and film together into a finished presentation. He and his brother, Daniel Lunt, teamed up to make this dark psychological short – “A Guilty Conscience“.

Bethany Isbell rehearsing Shots in the Dark with Daniel Lunt

#4 Bethany Isbell `- Although I met her in a multimedia class, 3D animation, I see Bethany as more of a programmer than an artist, but Bethany has produced some impressive 3D animated objects and some mini games for children. The first time I worked with her, she collaborated on my project ‘just for fun’ because I wanted an interactive game on my website. I have since come to appreciate her as a writer and an expressive voice actor. Bethany is very easy to work with, a self-starter, and as an author of fantasy fiction, she is constantly flowing with fresh ideas that keep the artist in me inspired.

#5 Armando Herrera – Mando the B-boy, tuttingMando first impressed me with his initiative to create a Zazzle sale page for his shoe designs. This quiet and charismatic guy has a positive attitude and, while others are talking, he is collecting ideas and refining his work. Mando is reliable, and carries a stress free environment with him. His point of view is well thought out. His video work is always interesting, sometimes magical, and often kinetic. Recently Mando danced with his friends in Giulietta’s “Pixelated” music video. 

What do I consider my strengths?

Lucy Hanson – I like working individually or on a team, each project having its own message. My goal is enhancing the message. Committed to the needs of the project, I do not have a favorite medium, but will use anything, from chalk to photography to cgi, to produce a memorable communication of the project’s inspiring thought. Every medium has its basic style, but I also find myself crossing over to produce more realistic looking vectors, more painterly chalk drawings, or something else dictated by the idea not the tools. I enjoy sharing ideas with others, whether in conversation about an individual project, or at a planning meeting for a joint project. It is satisfying for me to look back on finished work and see the details that were inspired by others, and see how my art fits with theirs to create something meaningful.

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